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Raj Kumar, MD, MBA, JD*, NLP, MLS

 . . .

A journey of a nobody to a somebody

Alumni, Phi Beta Kappa, Scholarships:

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Harvard University

  • University of Miami

  • Washington University


  • Provided 12 Scholarships
    (high school students, veterans, medical school students)

  • Red Nose Project to Fight Child Poverty, Founder, Donor

  • Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Foundation, Donor, Supporter

  • Autism Academy, Supporter

  • Senator Fowler Bonan Foundation, Supporter

  • Breast Cancer & Prostate Cancer Research, Supporter

  • Unity Church Committee Board Member

  • Congressmen & Senator initiatives, Activist

  • Colonel Ashok Veterans Memorial Project, Founder


  • Sold primary care medical practice

  • Real estate properties

  • Financial investor

  • Import-export business

  • Healthcare Consulting group

  • Speaking & Coaching enterprise

  • Tech Platform – Patient & Doctor engagement (NDA required)


  • Military Family

  • U.S. Citizen

  • Mason, Shriner

  • Instructor

  • Mentor

  • Published Author

  • Patient Advocate & Bill Negotiator

  • Assault Survivor

Fun Stuff … Why he’s a Loyal Friend:

The Boy Can Dance … get him to your party LOLzzzz

Never Matches His Socks … weirdo … ask him why … it’s entrepreneurial ?

Loves Public Speaking ... what a nut !

Thrives on Networking … he’s the Champ

Subpar Handwriting … go figure

He reads the Dictionary … who does that ?!

Nerd at Heart, Old Soul Traditions and Loves Kids !

Empathetic, Erudite, Sapiophilic, Believer in Humans

Pain … been through an unfair, made for movies, Tragedy AND will embrace you when others forgot him

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