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Dr. Nobody...
The journey of a nobody
becoming a somebody.

"Uplifting Pain to Power"

The greatest leaders are those who transform pain, trauma, and struggles into lessons of learning!


  • Section 8 Indigent Housing

  • Stalked, Robbed & Stabbed

  • Humiliated, Threatened, Assaulted, Isolated

  • Homeland Security, Affidavits, Protection

  • Forgotten by Family


  • Motivational Speaker
    Executive Physician

  • Entrepreneur

  • Business Consultant

  • Educator

  • Writer, Author, Coach

  • Whistleblower

  • Humanitarian

  • Assault Survivor

Meet Dr. Nobody...A.K.A...Dr. Raj, MD, MBA, JD,* NLP, MLS


Dr. Raj went from a life of unfair horror to one of success and meaning as he traversed the hardships of those who accosted him, propelling him from a time of despair into medical and law school after selling a 7 figure company and into a life of service.  He should never have made it. Many would have been lost forever or worse. He is finally ready to share his story after all these hard years...his struggle and his rebirth. He has now made a direct positive impact on the lives of thousands of individuals to date with his inspiring truth and healthcare-entrepreneurial acumen. He humbly and ironically is known as “Dr Nobody” to remind himself of his origin story.

Through his programs, he empowers leaders, small businesses, corporations and the everyday person to enhance their capabilities and cultivate crucial personal and professional skills that enable them and their Teams to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, sector or simple neighborhood.

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The greatest leaders are those who create other great leaders!

Dr. Raj Has Spoken At...

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Become A Captain Of
Your Industry

We humans must consistently embrace challenges, add significant value to our lives and organizations, invest in personal growth, and exhibit a deep understanding of our surroundings in order to evolve and progress.

What happens when we experience a sense of inadequacy or are overwhelmed by our roles?

That's where Dr. Raj Kumar comes in. He too has walked such a path.


Coaching, Consulting


Impact your team and customers, cultivate stronger relationships, and create the life you desire by adopting a championship mindset through targeted theory, strategy planning, metric outcomes and execution coaching and consulting. Dr Raj is known as the “Fixer” and the “Closer” for a reason.



Fire up your performance, foster a winning culture, and achieve your quarterly and annual objectives by having Dr. Raj as the keynote motivational speaker at your upcoming event, seminar or workshop.

How Dr. Raj

Can Help

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"I am here to deliver practical, tangible improvements to my clients, audiences, friends and family. I have been fortunate enough to work with renown brands like TED Talk, Mercedes-Benz, CoreLife Eatery franchise, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), American Medical Association (AMA), Autism Academy, Southern Illinois University Breast Cancer Foundation, Shriner’s Hospital and Gold's Gym, along with the Masons, United States Congressmen and Senators, CEOs, Hospital C-Suite Executives, NBA Athletes, local Celebrities and various Entrepreneurs.

Often times motivational speaking, coaching and consulting are not fully understood as they maintain vast definitions and applications. Ergo, some might just think it's blabber jabber to boost the mood or help one find their inner lotus LOL … but it is more. My aim is to challenge your traditional thinking, get you in and outside of your box through a step wise process and then measure your progress through action. I'm not your typical character. I’m on a mission to make an impact and legacy through the experiences and stories of others, while helping everyone to make a buck (keeping it real). I have not only felt the streets of hard knocks and pain but the sophisticated realm of privilege. I too almost relinquished my passions and gave up on my dreams when I left medical school for a brief while and hid in a hotel for months, unbeknownst to ANYONE despite having a 3.8 GPA and scholarship. This dichotomy of hardship and privilege helps me to relate to the average Joe or a Senator. You want a fellow like me to tell you your truth, even slap you around and re-focus you. Challenge me to bring you deliverables. You want me to throw away all my fancy degrees and training and impact you."


Namaste (I bow to the God in You) and Thank you!

The greatest leaders are born of defeat!

DR. RAJ – The Guy with the UN-matching socks.


Working with Dr. Raj as a motivational speaker, consultant or coach for your life, group, business or event will enhance resilience, mindset, and skillset to gain an advantage in today's competitive edgy world. Check out some samples of his talks.

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Dr. Raj's Story 


Goofy Superhero socks, two watches and a propensity to make noise are the characteristics by which to recognize Raj Kumar, MD, MBA, NLP, MLS. He comes to us as an Entrepreneur from the age of 24 who has had the privilege to study at such institutions as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Harvard University, University of Miami and Washington University. He is an Executive Physician, Doctorpreneur, Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist, Educator, Writer, Author, Coach and Assault Survivor who has had the blessed opportunity to meet Mark Cuban of Shark Tank, partner with TED Talk and meet the U.S. Vice-President.


At a young age he was wrongly accused, humiliated, harassed, threatened, attacked, abused and raped which took him on a path with Homeland Security, attorneys, surveillance, extortion, blackmail, witnesses, nondisclosures, the loss of 38 pounds, a mini-stroke, living in section 8 indigent housing, family disloyalty and living a recluse life. He hopes to inspire others in his made for movie story through his future book, The American Dream: Failure is Good. A journey of a nobody to a somebody. (Ask him more, as not all may be disclosed here.)


After successfully starting and selling a primary care medical practice in his early 30’s, he ventured to medical-law school training and built a training and networking think tank base for health care professionals entitled Innov8 Doctors Group. The 31 credentialed Innov8 Team Officers groom clinicians and others beyond typical medicine because today’s time requires the clinician to be the attorney, the accountant, the financial advisor, the policy maker, the healer and the friend. The company is also a strident advocate for the Patient offering FREE Talks with Docs, medical bill negotiation and Health Seminars.

If you’ve ever been the underdog, the unsung hero, the one they under estimated, the one they didn’t see coming in the rear view mirror … then strap on some goofy socks, grab some Kleenex, bring your joy and pain and appetite for laughter and walk into Raj’s world to Innov8YourLife with solutions, because not every Superhero of Medicine needs a cape! #TogetherWeBecomeSomebody.

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